Quilts I made this year

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2011 quilts I finised

1. Isabella’s quilt, 2. all done!, 3. hot pink and yellow and orange quilt, 4. another baby quilt, 5. blue & yellow quilt close up, 6. Emma’s quilt, 7. Paddington quilt, 8. Baby quilt, 9. purple sleepover quilt – front, 10. red blue white baby quilt – front, 11. birthoween quilt front, 12. love you wall hanging

Mind you, this is just the ones I actually *finished*. We all know I made more tops and some of these tops were made the year before. 😉

Let’s see how much more backlog I can clear out in 2012.

Edit: after all that work I just realized I forgot Sarah’s blue & white quilt an I think Izzy’s quilt I gave to her last Christmas….

Clearly I need to keep better track of these things. 😀