More scrap sorting

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Wow, I completely spaced on all the rest of the scrap organizing I did and the quilt block piecing. I think I was so head-down concentrating all I had brain space for was posting to Instagram.

When last I wrote, I was eyeball deep in organizing my scraps. I’m happy to say I survived, but I have at least 3 more quilts added to the “to make” pile. Although I did clear out 2 grocery bags of unwanted fabrics.

I have some fabrics downstairs to go back in these bins , but I figure I got rid of half a bin, easy. Not counting what I'm making the first scrap quilt from.

I also finished organizing, ironing and refolding 3 large bins of fabric. That wasn’t all the fabric, but that did most of it. Now if I need 2.5″ scrappy strips of any length, I have almost a full jelly roll, plus a great stack of 3-4″ wide strips from short to long. I also have bags of various squares sorted by size and a nice bag full of strings for my mom, plus another bag full of triangle bits.

I even have a bag of teeny snippets for ticker tape types of quilts.

This is just the scraps – not counting flat folds or fat quarter sizes or larger. I did discover I had no or very little fabrics in quantities of 2 or 3 yards or more. If you make any quilts larger than baby size you see how that is an issue, and that was maybe only 6 prints, tops.

As luck would have it, I went to our local fabric chain with my daughter-in-law to pick out fabric for an outfit for her brother’s wedding. While there, I received an invite to a member’s only FIFTY PERCENT OFF SALE the following Monday evening.

I’m telling you, I could not get there fast enough and the place was packed.

50% off pretty much all the fabric they had. I bought 28 meters of quilting cotton. They even gave me some empty cardboard bolts to take home to store it on.

Fabricville had an invite only 50% off sale. This is what 28 metres of fabric looks like. All cotton.

5 of cream solid
5 of pink
5 of yellow
10 of white
3 of an extra wide grey broadcloth with a linen look either woven in or printed on.

I chose these solids since I use these the most and have very little in my stash. I cannot wait to get going on more.

For now, it makes me super happy my stash is organized and I can get my hands on specific cuts and sizes with little effort.

Scrap organization

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This week I did two things: work on organizing one of my scrap bins and worked on quilting a block or two of a really simple baby quilt.

The baby quilt is just 16 10″ blocks all sewed together. They were leftover from my summer quilt here. I found a large floral for the backing which frankly, hadn’t inspired me for anything but a quilt back.

Quilt I'm working on this week.

For each block, I’m quilting a different design, working my way through Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters. When I need a break from the computer and desk work, I just move myself downstairs to the sewing room and quilt a block or two. That’s usually long enough for a readjustment. (mentally, physically) Although, one day this week I had a scheduled call and almost forgot to go back upstairs. I was just about to quilt another block but decided to check on work instead. Good thing I did!

I should just call this my @angelafmq sampler quilt ... ;) every block is a design from her first book.

I did quilt about half the blocks this week.

For the scraps, I lugged a big bin upstairs near my desk. For short break, I just wander over and fondle fabric for a bit. I mean.. carefully go through the pile and sort.

Still sorting scraps. Kicking myself but glad I got rid of another scrap bin already.

It’s a bit overwhelming but eventually I made decisions based on the kind of scraps I had – not trying to fit in someone else’s system.

Then I had to clean some up because the husband wanted to sweep the floor. Crazy guy. So I took some piles to the sewing room to sort further.

Don't be fooled, it only looks organized and like I know what I'm doing.

Turns out I have a lot of strips and some blocks. I tried not to trim too much, just to even things out. Anything bigger than a fat quarter of course was not a scrap. Anything slightly less than that I called a chunk and also set aside. I figured there was no point cutting up larger chunks into preset sizes if I wanted to do something else with them.

So, that left me with the rest.

I sorted strips into under 2.5″ to 1″ and short medium long piles. Medium anything over 12″, long was selvedge to selvedge or near enough. If I had to fold it to pile it on my cutting board, it was long.

I also had a pile for 2.5″ strips and a pile 3″ or wider.

For squares, I sorted two piles – 2.5″ or 3″ squares, then 4″ or larger.

Anything smaller than any of those was a snippet. If it was really long I placed it in a strings bag. The bag of string is going to my mom, because she loves making string quilts, and I don’t.

I have other fabrics sorted by color and felt for my scraps, sorting by size made more sense *for me* because that was how I chose fabrics for quilts – by what I had, not by what colors.

Organized scraps

I did spend a large chunk of Friday and Saturday ironing and trimming scraps. It sounds a little obsessive but I feel so organized! And so ready to make a pile of new quilts, just based on what is there.

I even – oopsie – started piecing Scrapper’s Delight out of Sunday Morning Quilts.

My overriding goal here is to actually build a new stash by using up what I can with the stash I have. The stash is more a reflection of what was cheap / found in thrift stores & yard sales and stuff my mom didn’t want, to build up my stash. I just took some fabrics because they were cheap / free. A lot of it doesn’t actually reflect my taste, so. There we are.

(I will say I do have a drawer full of fabrics that are more reflective of my tastes, but I haven’t used much of them yet. That’s why most of the scraps are not really me – I used the fabrics I only sort of liked first, to use them up. And in this sorting, I’m ditching fabrics I really do not like.)

So… how about you? How do you sort and organize your fabrics? What do you do with your scraps?