Sewing room again, finally

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We moved, again, but into a bigger rental. I finally have a sewing room! It’s in the basement, but still pretty light. I rearranged things a couple times to suit me.


Here it is before I started. And this is missing a few boxes of fabrics.



I now have a really nice sewing station. I’m left handed so I like to have everything off to my left, and give myself loads of space for quilts.




This is my to-do pile. Oops. I have a tendency to start things, but I’m not so good at the finishing. I’m going to try and finish up what I can, and since I took this pic, sorted the pile into almost done, halfway there and need to start. Needless to say one of those piles got put aside.




This was a first pass at organizing the room.



I added a bookshelf but still felt a little hemmed in, especially when I realized with a bit of rearranging, I could get more empty floor space.




Ah, that’s better! Move the to-do pile, switch the ironing station and the bookshelf and suddenly the room is wide open again!



This is my somewhat sorted pile of stuff to finish already. My motivation it is a mess, and by finishing it up I can get rid of the mess too.



Under the other side of my table you can see my sewing machine bag and another bag I have for accessories, as well as two bins of fabric and a very large bag of scraps.

I also got rid of the pile of plastic boxes of fabric by filling up the dresser. While I do like to see as much fabric as I can, it will also help me not start any new quilt tops for a while.

The list is rather long, as I have some sewing projects and garments I want to make for people so I stuffed those piles off in the corner.

I should still make a list though.