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I guess I took a bit of a break. I actually have done quite a bit of quilting and finishing up. I was really focused on getting some projects finished and my Etsy shop up and running. I did this while on vacation too.

Meanwhile, I have diverted from quilting a bit and have gone back to making garments. Blame the sewing classes that I took while on vacation. 😀 They inspired me quite a bit and reminded me how much I love sewing in general.

To get a little crazier, I decided to make my husband and 18th Century shirt. Then I decided (must have been the heat) to hand stitch the entire thing.

Sometimes I just make more work for myself. 😀 But, I also do these things sort of on purpose, to either keep my skill level up or improve my sloppy stitches. At least it helps things from getting boring?



Starting the facing on the neck opening.



Neck gusset.



Neck gussets and facing in place.




Collar pinned to neck and gathering stitches in place. I used red thread to gather, because I can see it better and I will remove it later.



Here’s how I wrap the ends of the gathering threads around a pin, in a figure 8. This will hold better than a knot.

I’m trying to get back into a blogging habit, since I have more than one blog that needs regular updates. I will be posting the various quilting shenanigans I’ve been up to since last time.