Catch up

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I have been a sad neglectful blogger, I know. I had a lull in quilting then I finished some times so quickly and had them out the door there wasn’t any time to actually write up the posts.

These are all pending posts to come:
– Bob’s quilt. Red white and blue.
– Jade’s name quilt
– Easy summer quilt
– Modern Cowboy finish
– Chevron finish
– Fast Forward quilt
– Amy’s tshirt quilt

– circle pincushion

And a pile of quilt tops that I finished a while ago, and even have posts here about, but just got around to basting. Still need to actually quilt them.

ALso – I have been doing a lot of garment sewing as well. This is supposed to be my quilt blog and if anyone is still left reading, I hope you don’t mind if I toss in some garment sewing as well. So far:

– Regency gown
– 18th century man’s shirt, hand stitched because I am crazy
– blouse for my daughter Sarah
– easy skirt for Sarah
– hand drafted yellow skirt for Sarah
– Shift dress for Sarah
– fitted red dress for me and the toile/muslin I made

Not counting the piles of fabrics and patterns sitting waiting for me to cut out.

I might have a problem of doing too many projects at once. 😀

p.s – I also bought the Hex-n-More ruler and wanted to post about that