Things I’m working on

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I went and launched a service to make tshirt quilts from WordPress conference tshirts. That had suddenly taken off.

My mom’s local quilters are asking me for a price list of quilting services.

Everything coming out of the woodwork at once.

Yet, every so often, I get completely inspired and skip the list of must-dos and toss in something else. Like my list is short enough to do this. Oh, I also got some great forms to organize my quilt projects – except it made me realize the list was a total of 40. At least that’s where I stopped.

So. Since mid January:

I made and sold this Disco quilt from Glimmer fabrics. Sorry for sideways. Ready for @houseofgrays ! Will email in the morning. *yawns*

I made this minimalist yet Americana quilt designed by the web designer I work with at my day job. She hired me to make it for a friend.

Yep, job well done I'd say. #quilt #merica #old #flag #callmebetsyross #commision

I’ll be writing this up as a pattern, since I did all the math for you. Had a work trip to Dallas so I delivered it in person.

Did a Take 5 quilt top from stash.
Borders done! And I'm done. 

Made two flannel sleep sacks.
<img decoding=

Sewed some strips from a Moda scrap bag. Figured out what to do next – turn it into a Chinese Coins top. I need to order a matching brown solid to finish.
Mods scrap bag I pieced on Friday. It's so narrow. So my idea is to cut it in thirds or fourths and introduce brown sashing and borders. #quilt #create. #yearofmaking #design

Made a Log Cabin Hidden Stars top from a book.
Log cabin hidden stars quilt top I finished on Friday. Plus backing and binding.

Taught my youngest how to use the sewing machine so she could make some scarves and capes she designed, from Pokemon.
Teaching Emma to sew.

Made a scrappy strip quilt from Sunday Morning quilts. This was unplanned.
For girls who like pink. This wound up bigger than expected. #quilting #pink

Made HST blocks from a small jelly roll and extra solids. Lost motivation.
Will rearrange some blocks for color but yeah. Think I'm making one twin size instead of two baby quilts from these blocks. #yearofmaking

Made a tshirt quilt for a client. Still working on it. This is top of the list.
Thinking of adding borders. @suzettefranck ?

Designed a pattern to use the fabrics I bought on our summer vacation. Super Shoo Fly and I want to write up a pattern for it.
Super shoo fly lap #quilt  Thinking of writing up the pattern.

Cut the pieces for a Northern Lights quilt that has been on the list for ages. Sewed the blocks together in strips.
Just one of the many #quilts in progress.

Made purse sized tissue holders last night with another daughter and now I want to make twenty.
Making tissue holders with my daughter meaghan.

Also pending is another tshirt quilt where the shirt arrived just yesterday, and a QR code quilt for a client. The fabric is on its way already.

Making a bag and purse for a friend (for money!) but she needs to decide what fabric. I introduced her to the world of designer fabrics so it could take a while!

Then this week my cheap iron that I bought last year, and had immediate regrets over, finally died spectacularly. It had seemingly one temperature – scorching. It would scorch cotton on the silk setting and melt things on the highest. Filling the tank with water for steam meant steam shot out constantly, even with the steam switched to off.

I was not sad to see it go, and replaced it with a much better brand. Lesson learned.

So, if that weren’t enough to keep me busy, I do all that around a full time job. No wonder that when I have time to quilt, I barely snap a picture, let alone blog about it.