Quilt finishes for 2015

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*tap tap*

Is this thing on?

Wow.. um.. yeah. So Life happened. And quilting. Seems when I have time, it’s time to quilt not blog.

In 2015 I sold 15 quilts. Not just finished, but SOLD. Woot! Go me!

All told, I finished 26 quilted items, including hangings and runners.

I did 23 quilt tops, including wall hangings and runners, unfinished.

I made 22 bags and wallets.

I made 5 garments.

And wrote about hardly any. I need to fix that bit.

So… there’s probably at least 5 more garments I cut out or have half assembled. The quilt top list is way too huge. I’d like to finish more top and have those ones SOLD too.

I can dream, can’t it?