Moving to online only for January

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If you’re reading this and not local in New Brunswick, our government had another press conference about the rising COVID case numbers. They have moved hospitals to their level 3 guidelines, and schools K-12 are going online only for two weeks, but nothing else will be changed.


Out of an abundance of caution, and the knowledge that COVID is airborne and doesn’t care what you are doing where, our shop is moving to online only until January 31st. I picked the dates the same as the school system, not because I have kids that young, but because it’s easier to keep track of if large chunks of people are using the same dates.

So while we did rig up an air filter, the space is enclosed enough that I cannot in good conscience take any chances or encourage people to be out and about. We are doing this ahead of any move to Level 3, because by then we feel it will be too late.

I can say I will work with you as much as I can, so I can bring items to your car if needed, for color or size check. Online ordering with pickup is encouraged. I will be starting up the Wednesday videos again and am hoping to maybe do some extra ones.

Inventory is almost done and we have some goods to clear out and put on SALE! So I gotta show you these thing some way, right?

Shop closed this week

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Our shop will be closed until December 18th, next Friday. Someone in our household has received an exposure notice and is self-monitoring for symptoms.

We would like you reassure you this is not an exposure notice for the shop. Closing the shop is a precaution to protect us all.

Online shopping with no contact pickup is still available. You can also get a gift card for someone, or send the link to anyone shopping for you.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Andrea, Ron, and Emma

Redesign in Progress

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Well, as a former web developer I couldn’t stand it any more and switched the design and layout of the entire site. I hope you find it easier to use and navigate. As always, if you find an issue, things are missing, something doesn’t make sense, just contact us.

For the technical bits, our site is run on WordPress with WooCommerce as the shop, using the Stationary child theme for Storefront.

New series: quilt of the month

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In my tiny shop is a room divider between the shop space and my family’s living space. Over this divider I’ve been placing one of my many quilts, partly for decor and samples, and partly for sound buffers and privacy. Sometimes it is seasonal, sometimes the quilt is similar to new fabrics coming in. Either way, the quilt is also right behind me during the checkout process, so customers have a chance to really look at it.

Every quilt has a story, and it finally occurred to me I should probably just write down all the details! Especially before I forget.

So for our August quilt choice, I have hung up a quilt I made for Emma – oh probably more than ten years ago. It is the New Wave quilt pattern my Elizabeth Hartman, one of her earliest patterns ever. Of course I made it bigger, using fabrics that I had on hand and wanted to use up. Emma loves blue, so I chose fabrics in blues and purples and any combination of that until we were both happy.

I also wound up rotating the design 90 degrees based on my fabric amounts. Leftovers went on the back of the quilt for a very scrappy backing. I generally like to make a long strip of the smallest pieces, then place that row off center, and filling in the rest of the background with the larger leftovers.

I had just begun my free motion quilting journey when I made this quilt, and my idea was to quilt ever widening ripples, like drops on a still pond. The idea was good, the execution … not so much. It can barely be seen, and what is visible with the white thread is wonky. I should have used a walking foot but that would have been SO much turning. Some of the seams aren’t lined up very well, the binding isn’t very neat, but the whole thing has held up and it still a decent quilt.