Show notes anniversary edition

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It was time for our weekly video and also our wedding anniversary! Catch the replay on Facebook or Youtube.

We started the show with technical difficulties, so I was 10 minutes late. I introduced everyone (virtually) to my husband Ron. He was a really big help in the early days of starting the shop. He’s more behind the scenes now, but still acts as CFO – Chief Fabric Officer. I quickly showed off some of Ron’s quilts, so I’ve added some better images below.

Other things we talked about were panels, the Happy Hour book, fusible batting in crib size, and scraps. So many scraps! I mentioned I was waiting for some stock to show up so after the show, while writing the post, the UPS guy brought in 4 new Fireside bolts. They’ll get up on the site shortly.

March quilt of the month

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Every month I hang up a new quilt from our stash. There’s a divider between the shop and the rest of the house, so the quilt goes on that divider.

This month, I chose a blue and yellow quilt to remember the Ukraine, and my friend who lives in Kyiv.

I used the Delight quilt pattern from Jaybird Quilts. While I don’t have the pattern in stock, I do have the Hex n More ruler. There’s NO Y seams or partial seams in this quilt, and it is constructed very cleverly.

When I made this quilt ages ago, I went through my stash and pulled any and all of the med to dark blues I had and cut as many pieces as I could. For the yellows I did the same thing. I made sure to alternate the yellow triangles with some solid or near solid so there was more of a pattern where they met.

The top sat around unquilted for a while, and when we got our longarm I suggested Ron have a go at quilting it. He did freehand hexagonal spirals.

More than awareness or good thoughts, the Ukraine needs money. Consider donating to UNICEF.

St Pat’s show notes

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Well it’s the day before St Patrick’s Day and time for our weekly LIVE video. Didn’t catch it? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Watch the recap on Facebook right here or over on Youtube.

Things I talked about:
Shamrock fabric, new flannels, Art Theory fabric and panel, dash blenders. Also we restocked some basic notions like needles, seam rippers and measuring tapes. New generic light bulbs for your sewing machine too (pics coming soon).

I also rambled on about orphan blocks and how to use them for practise pieces and wall hangings. I talked about the many ways to lay out HSTs, and how I refilled our scrap bin. Got some scraps to get rid of or need some scraps? Hit me up.

ps. I found the chocolate I hid on myself. The day is saved.

Hello spring!

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Hi there fellow quilters. Now that the province has eased restrictions, this post is to let you know that yes, we are open to the public and we STILL REQUIRE masks to be used. I’m not sure when we might lift this, other than when we can open windows and/or most of the children under 12 have been vaccinated.

My aim is to use the blog more on our site, so stay tuned! (If you are reading this on Facebook, the automatic sharing worked. YAY!)