Ideas for quilts with panels

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Some people love working with panels, some hate them! Either way, they give you a lot to talk about.

When you sign up for our newsletter, we send you a free pattern for a throw quilt using a standard sized panel for the center, with three matching fabrics. I thought I’d do some mockups with some panels we have in stock to see how they’d look all made up.

I used the EQ software for this. Once I had the pattern diagram in the program, it is super easy to recolor in new fabrics!

This is our Save the Bees panel. I choose a bright yellow and ebony black from our Canvas blenders line. Simple and easy! I didn’t choose a third accent color and used black there as well. For dark quilts like this I recommend using a black batting as well. Any bearding from the batting will be black and not noticeable.

Then I did a mockup using Feathered Nest. I actually tried a few different combos with the fabrics. Every single one looked great, no matter what fabric I used or where it was placed.

This fabric is so new I’ve barely mentioned it! Father Christmas arrived early and I had to see what it looked like in a quilt. Stunning, but we all know I am a sucker for the blue and white snowflakes. I played around with the accent colors and placement here.

Even though the pattern I used is fairly simple, there’s lots of room for customization – changing the borders, substituting blocks in the corners, and placing different fabrics in alternate areas. Which panel would you pick?

If you are looking for more ideas to use panels in quilts, I made a Pinterest board for you to peruse.

Fireside backings

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Similar to Minky and Cuddle, Fireside is a 100% polyester stable knit that comes in a 60″ width. This is perfect for lap quilt and cuddling! With a shorter pile, there’s less fuzz when cutting and it shows off your quilting beautifully.

Available in 48 colors, in stock colors are listed below. Please order in 1/4 m increments. For example, to order 1 meter you’d place 4 units in your cart.