UFO Club

This year our shop is challenging YOU to finish up those UnFinished Objects. The only criteria is you must have started it before January 2024, and you feel like you can realistically finish by June 30th.

Register below using the form, and give me all the details you can about the project. When you have FINISHED that project, your name will go in the bucket for a draw of a $50 gift card to the shop. Proof of the finish must be given, even if it is a fuzzy phone picture.

You may enter as many times as you wish until May 31st!

It is free to enter, so if you register and don’t finish, you aren’t out a thing.

*NEW* Register and get a FREE PATTERN for the club logo mini quilt.

Please log in to our site with your username/ password that you use to shop if you do not see the form.