I moved!

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Well, I didn’t move my blog, I just moved my whole house, over a month ago. We’re still getting settled.

I think I lasted two whole weeks before I set my machine up a corner to sew something, anything, just because I needed to.
After a couple of location changes, I took over half of what will be our home office. The other half is the husband’s tools and things he needs to finish working on some parts of the house.

Did I mention the renovations? No? The house we bought is an old house, but with a new addition. The previous owners bought the place, started renos and ran out of money, then had to sell. Their loss, our gain I guess. All the hard and expensive stuff had been done, as far as we were concerned. We still had electrical and plumbing to finish, and there’s no trim anywhere, but we finally got enough done to move in.

Best part? I *WILL* have a dedicated sewing room some day, in the new basement. It is currently unfinished, just concrete. We even had to build the stairs to get down to it. so it will be a while before that is done, but it will be done to my specifications.

For now, I do have the most incredible view. That helps.