Extra details

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We quietly opened on Friday and orders have been non stop ever since! We have been overwhelmed with support and are hopefully all caught up.

Our website has an actual real working shopping cart, just like the big stores. 😉 Fill the cart, checkout, and pay with your credit card.

You can choose “local pickup” and we will send pickup directions when your order is ready. It might take a day.

You can use the Notes section in the shopping cart if you’d like to send an extra note like “am coming to town on friday, will pick up then”.

We can combine orders for pickups – just let us know (maybe in the Notes section)!

And YES we ship across Canada, with a $15 flat rate and free shipping over $150.

All fabrics listed are 100% cotton. The $5/m clearance section is just us clearing out the fabrics we bought from closed quilt shops. Time for it to go so we can buy NEW FABRIC! (We also have a NEW section on the site.)

We still have elastic! When we run out, it will disappear from the site. Our supplier is expected to get more late next week, but then we have to order some and get it here, so give it two more weeks.

As always – any comments, questions, suggestions, or even a “hey we love it!” just message, email, comment, whatever… We’ll get to it eventually. 😀

Time for a teapot refill!

Soft Open

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Thanks for finding our shop during our soft open! Please poke around and enjoy all the new listings. If you find anything out of place or have questions, please let us know.

Enjoy the clearance sale and note that those fabrics are per meter and must be purchased in full meters. It’s quite a bargain.

We also have elastic in stock and are currently limiting customers to one 10m bundle of each kind.

Pickups will be scheduled at our new location at 1881 Hanwell Drive. Our shop is not open to customers and visits for pickups must be arranged.

We are still working through listing all of the in-store items here on our online space. If you have been in store and know we carry a particular product and cannot find it in our shop, please feel free to contact us. It may just not be listed yet, or it may be out of stock.

HUGE news! Shop closure on April10, reopen in May at new location

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I have been sitting on this news for months.

Hey there quilters!

Ron and I have been working on major business plans for the year, and we decided to make some timeline adjustments while everyone is under lockdown.

The shop – online and offline pickups – will be CLOSED starting April 10th until May, exact date to be determined.

During that time, we will be moving the shop to a new location out on Hanwell Road.

We will be working on getting a new shop name and changing the branding on the current website, plus making some shopping cart improvements.

Then we will reopen the online store for pickups only.

The quilting queue will remain closed until the end of May. There are a number of talented longarmers in our area willing to take your quilts! If you wish to wait for my queue to clear, it will be a while, as I am also going to change how quilts are dropped off and scheduled.

This summer, if all goes well, we will have a new shop built on to our new house, and Fredericton will once again have its own little quilt shop without a confusing name in a hard to find location.

To top it all off, tomorrow is my 50th birthday. While I had planned a huge party that has since been cancelled, announcing this news NOW feels like a great way to celebrate.

(Yes I totally feel like Oprah right now…)

What’s next?

This does mean that you have about a week to grab anything you might need to last the rest of the month. I’m getting a lot of calls for batting backing right now. You can order any of these in our online shop, pay with a credit card (easy-peasy!) and choose “local pickup”. We’ll have your order ready after confirming a time.

I know 3 weeks (at least) of no local quilt shop may hurt… but the payoff? Oh it’s gonna be SO AWESOME!

I know you’re going to join me in being super excited over the news, and we feel so, SO, supported by our quilting community and everything you have done to help us get to this point. We couldn’t have done this without YOU.

Clean your machine!

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This is a reminder post to clean your sewing machine.

All too often this gets neglected until there is a problem or obvious build up. I was one of those people who just kept on sewing – never hanging the needle until it broke or I had issue, even if I had multiple needles on hand!

Make a habit to give the bobbin area a quick dust out whenever you change a bobbin. Wipe down the machine itself beforehand and after each use, especially if you don’t cover it.

If a quick clean becomes a regular habit each time you sit down to sew, projects will run smoother and you may find less issues overall.

And change your needle!