HUGE news! Shop closure on April10, reopen in May at new location

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I have been sitting on this news for months.

Hey there quilters!

Ron and I have been working on major business plans for the year, and we decided to make some timeline adjustments while everyone is under lockdown.

The shop – online and offline pickups – will be CLOSED starting April 10th until May, exact date to be determined.

During that time, we will be moving the shop to a new location out on Hanwell Road.

We will be working on getting a new shop name and changing the branding on the current website, plus making some shopping cart improvements.

Then we will reopen the online store for pickups only.

The quilting queue will remain closed until the end of May. There are a number of talented longarmers in our area willing to take your quilts! If you wish to wait for my queue to clear, it will be a while, as I am also going to change how quilts are dropped off and scheduled.

This summer, if all goes well, we will have a new shop built on to our new house, and Fredericton will once again have its own little quilt shop without a confusing name in a hard to find location.

To top it all off, tomorrow is my 50th birthday. While I had planned a huge party that has since been cancelled, announcing this news NOW feels like a great way to celebrate.

(Yes I totally feel like Oprah right now…)

What’s next?

This does mean that you have about a week to grab anything you might need to last the rest of the month. I’m getting a lot of calls for batting backing right now. You can order any of these in our online shop, pay with a credit card (easy-peasy!) and choose “local pickup”. We’ll have your order ready after confirming a time.

I know 3 weeks (at least) of no local quilt shop may hurt… but the payoff? Oh it’s gonna be SO AWESOME!

I know you’re going to join me in being super excited over the news, and we feel so, SO, supported by our quilting community and everything you have done to help us get to this point. We couldn’t have done this without YOU.

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