Chevron quilt

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I realized I never posted the chevron quilt I made. I was half thinking of giving it away to a friend for their baby, but wound up doing something different, and I had loaded it to my local quilt shop as a display quilt, so I sort of forgot all about it until I got it back.

I used this chevron quilt pattern because I had been inspired by this free motion chevron quilting. Seriously, go look – it’s amazing.

The fabrics I used were Life in the Jungle – by Doohikey Designs for Riley Blake Designs.

For the free motion quilting I used designs from Angela Walter’s first book – love it so much.

I’m super happy with how it turned out. I watched most of 3 seasons of Dr Who while I made this quilt. I could take pictures of the quilting and run my hands over it all day.

If you click on a picture in the gallery below, you can visit the next one with the previous/next links on the page.

5 thoughts on “Chevron quilt

  1. The pictures do not do this quilt justice, it is absolutely lovely.

    No solicitation was enforced for this comment—-ah!

  2. The piecing is really nice and I like the colours a lot, but the quilting is amazing.

  3. Thanks! I was super happy with the quilting. (of course, if you look close up at it, it;s not perfect but there ya go)

  4. Looks amazing. That quilt you were inspired by is pretty darned inspiring. And you’ve done a fantastic job. Now if only I could figure out where my copy of Angela’s book went to …

  5. thanks! I need to get back to quilting. I keep saying this and I keep running out of free time. :-/

    Winter is hard. After dinner comes and I just want to go to bed.

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