Houndstooth Quilt in black and white

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A few months ago, Susan contacted me about making a houndstooth quilt, just for her. She was pleasantly surprised to find the finally price was all inclusive. She didn’t have to pay extra for the pattern, the fabric or even the shipping.

I used this houndstooth quilt pattern, as it has multiple sizes included and supports a smaller indie designer. Since I would be making a queen size and thus using 12 yards of just the white fabric (since it is backed in white as well) I waited till my local fabric chain had a 50% off members-only sale on their quilt cottons. Their premium cotton is super soft and I’m pretty happy with it.

When starting with a new pattern, I often cut just a few of the first pieces and not everything at once. So I cut a few strips and squares first to get the hang of it.


Once I was happy with the process, including any starching and pressing processes, then it was on to cutting many many more strips.


And lots of blocks.


Testing the layout with what I had thus far. Looking good! This is gonna be huge.


Once I have it down, I chain piece and basically get into a groove of production sewing and wind up with stacks and stacks of blocks, all at the same step. Sewing, then cutting the strips.


But then I have to press them.  Thank God for Netflix and my ipad stand.


Then it was on to the block units. Lots of double checking everything is going the right way. I stack and pile, then sew.


After the blocks, it’s time to do the rows.


And admire the seams. Look at those nested seams – LOOK AT THEM.

So I bet you’re thinking this might be pretty boring or monotonous sewing, but I find this is really good low-stress, especially when you’re organized or tired. Then it’s pretty mindless. You can also focus on cutting or sewing accuracy too! I still had some pretty inconsistent seams but only had to fully repair one. So I thought that was pretty good overall.


Another layout check on the floor to see if I mis-counted. I’d rather cut too little than way too much.


WHEW! Finally the top was done. I pieced the backing, got the batting ready (50/50 warm & white), pressed everything all over again, layered and basted.

So many pins. o.O  I think it took an hour to baste, but again – Netfix to the rescue and my handy Kwik Klip basting tool.


Then it was time for quilting. Yes, I can do queen sized on my domestic machine. I did all the diagonal seams first with the walking foot, right in the ditch. I switched to the FMQ foot to go around the pointy bits the other way – the “ears” of the teeth if you will. Some parts I used rulers to go straight but eventually ditched that for speed. There’s a few wobbly bits but only if you look really close. 😉

I use a combination of rolling and smushing, because I find the rolling is sometimes not flexible enough. I did the quilting over two days and yes, my shoulders were a bit sore after.


I prepped miles of binding and wrapped it around a spool. Okay, not miles, but something like 400″.


Finally! All done and then tossed it on my bed for modelling. A quick run through the washer and dryer then I look it all over for weak seams, hanging threads, etc.. do any trimming or fixing up, sew on a label and off it goes. Susan is SUPER HAPPY with it too.

I would definitely make one of these again. All told, this took 3-4 months but that was also over the holidays.

3 thoughts on “Houndstooth Quilt in black and white

  1. Thank you so much for making this gorgeous quilt for me – I have wanted one for years! My mother quilts, but her schedule is somewhat erratic, so I didn’t want to burden her.

    It is a seriously beautiful quilt which I will treasure forever, and the price was excellent!

  2. Your tidy, perfectly aligned and directioned seams are most impressive 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!

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