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I’ve been either cutting up my fabric into smaller bits, or making table runners. I’m trying to use up my stash here, then I can build my own stash. 😀 Also: lots of gifting happening. Well, when I finish them…

Anyway! Runners are fast, usually quite easy, and let you try a few different blocks or techniques without committing to a bed sized quilt.

table runner!

Though I will note if one is tired, or has a case of the megrims, one usually makes mistakes.

But even simple designs, like the following are not without their challenges in such cases.

starry table runner

I ripped out and redid far too much on this for how simple it is. then when it was pieced & shown off, decided to back it and quilt it. Less than an hour later:

finished starry runner

This one I liked working up more than the top one, and I have recipient in mind. I used cotton batting, which is nice and flat, and it folds well. My seams are almost all matched perfectly and the whole things lays flat, which is an accomplishment. There’s more of all these fabrics, as I went through my stash of these prints (again) and cut out charm packs. I’d previously cut out layer cakes from the same prints, and still have some fat quarters left, as I’d started with half yard cuts of many of them.

I also made myself a new wallet, but will now have to make myself a new purse to match it.

new wallet

There was a part on the brown insert that needed binding, so I machine-stitched it all down and didn’t like how it looked. Of course I ripped it off and redid it “properly”. Sometimes you really need to do things by hand, especially when it’s smaller. I just knew the other way would bug me too much, and the way I re-did the binding wound up thinner and neater looking. Even though this wallet was not a fast project, and picking the fabric took almost as long as sewing it, I would probably make this again. I’m picky about my wallets, which should double as a small purse – and this held all my stuff with room left over. Pattern is A Safe Place. Hmm, if I could do a slight modification to have a closing flap instead of the red wraparound, and an optional long shoulder strap, it’d be perfect.

Round two, I guess.

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  1. That wallet is really cool was it hard to make? My finance loves doing patch quilts and place settings and I bet she could tackle a purse or maybe even a wallet.

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