Super Shoo Fly nap quilt

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Last year, we went on vacation to PEI and while there, stopped in at the Quilt Barn. The husband and I picked out some beach themed fabrics, thinking we’d make a nap sized quilt we could lie under and dream of the red sandy beaches.

Well, it took ages for me to decide what to do, and one wild afternoon, I figured one HUGE quilt block with borders would do it.

This is a super fast quilt top! It only took me 2-3 hours, but that included figuring out time. It should take you less, because I did all the math for you. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures during construction.


Finished size: 43″ square (approximately)


1/2 yard print A
1/2 yard matching solid
1/2 yard print B
1 yard or more print C. (mine was directional & needed more. I had 46″.)

A shoo fly block is four half square triangles and 5 solid blocks.

Cut 2 10.5″ squares from print A.
Cut 2 10.5″ squares from the solid.

Match up a print and solid, trace a line diagonally down the back for cutting, sew 1/4″ on either side, and make two HST blocks from each set. Starch and press. I use the Quick Quarter tool for marking accurately – super handy!

Cut one 10″ square from print A.
Cut 4 10″ squares from the solid.

Arrange with the HSTs in a nine patch for the shoo fly block. Sew together and press.

And now for borders! As my mom always says, “If your quilt isn’t big enough, keep adding borders till it is!” and that’s what we did here.

From the remaining print A, cut 3.5″ strips. 6 will be enough, with some piecing to fit. Sew these around the block -two for top and bottom, then two for sides.

From print B (finally!) cut 4 strips WOF 4.5″ wide. These should just fit when you sew them on, same manner as above.

From print C, for the finale – cut 8″ strips for the final round. My fabric was directional and I cut my strips lengthwise from a 46″ piece of fabric. If you cut WOF, you can get away with less yardage. I cut 5 strips and needed to piece a bit to get the right lengths. Sew strips like the previous – top, bottom, press. Then left and right – press.

You are done your Super Shoo Fly top!

Layer, baste and quilt as desired. Mine is still waiting. 😀