Things to do in 2014

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I just tidied up my sewing room a bit and took stock of all the sewing and quilting I have on the go.

The pile of quilts I have to finish? 15!

I think I should try and finish those up this year, sheesh! Especially since many in the pile are in my archives as progress posts except there’s been no progress.

These are all basted, ready to be quilted:
jitterbug (for sale)
Mariner’s compass (in progress here too) (for me)
Grey quilt (also for me)
Scrappy log cabin for kids, which I seemed to have not blogged at all (pic here tho) (for sale)
Flash forward that I never posted about, in a brown and blue boy print (for sale)
Floral squares baby quilt I haven’t even posted about either, since it was made from scraps from a summer quilt I have on draft. (will be for sale – the baby quilt)

That’s 6.

These are all tops waiting, paired with backing fabrics. I just need to get the batting out and baste them:
christmas cross
Ugly Christmas quilt – for us, never blogged (not yet)
Red & yellow gradient. Undecided if I want to sell this or not.
Neutrals (for sale)
Red & Black and brown “living room” quilt (spoken for)
Country Fields (for sale)
Modern Blue blocks (may gift this to someone special)
Blue kaleidoscope (for sale, need to post)
White and Flirt fabrics, to match this quilt for sale (will also be sold)

At least I have a roll of batting waiting. That should do 3 or 4.

There are a couple of quilts that are still being pieced and I haven’t posted about any of them. I’m not sure if I should count old projects I started a while ago and haven’t really made any progress – those tops that might remain unfinished. These ones I listed are ones I’d really like to get done this year.

I also have the inevitable stacks of fabrics and precuts, sometimes bundled in bags with a pattern. These are ones I intend to make but haven’t started yet. I dare not count them.
And there’s a runner I started before Christmas and some panels my mom sent over for me to quilt too.

I know I have lots of fabric stored away, and when someone goes through it I have to say “not that piece!” or not that bundle because I have plans.

PLUS – i have one quilt on commission that I haven’t started yet as the fabric is on its way. Everything will be shifted for this. And I was just asked about another last week.

Bonus project – I signed up for the Modern Quilt Guild challenge project with fabrics from Riley Blake. That needs to be done by February and I haven’t started yet.

I think I’ll do the pile of garment sewing in a different post.

2 thoughts on “Things to do in 2014

  1. Oh no. Counting projects that haven’t been started is not allowed. Not that I would know anything about that sort of thing (ahem, clears throat, looks over shoulder nervously). 😉

  2. Did I mention I cleared out a bunch of fabric? Soon after, I started grabbing good apparel fabric at Value Village. Had to bring back one of the Rubbermaid tubs I’d previously emptied. Yeeesh.

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