I have a UFO problem

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No, not aliens! ūüėÄ I tallied up all the quilt tops I have in progress, including ones that were partially cut or partially pieced, and a couple that are for now just a pile of selected fabric and an idea.

There’s NINE of those.

Then I counted up all the quilt tops I have finished, including ones with back slected, all the way up to ones that are quilted (see previous entry), or basted, or I really need to get batting and/or backing for. Yeesh. Sometimes backing is the hard part!

There’s 10 or 12, I started to loose count., And yes, I KNOW! That’s a terrible problem.

This also does not count two baby quilts I have to make, and the fabric is literally on the way here. Oops? I jst did not really have any baby boy fabrics and both of them are for baby boys. Thankfully not born yet, so I still have, what – a year or so? ūüėČ

Do you have a problem like this or is it just me?

p.s. – I’m trying really hard not to count the quilts I want to make but just have not pulled fabric for yet. Or a pile of fabrics that need to decide on a pattern. Easily a half dozen or two. *sigh* I DO have a problem don’t I?


How long does it take?

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Sometimes people ask me how long it takes to quilt and I¬†honestly¬†don’t know. Do you track time, even loosely? I know it’s hours here, even on the super fast projects, but still.

Last night I was able to figure out how long I spent at it, and this afternoon I took a short break to wind more bobbins. Then I did more quilting. Then I realized I was almost done so I finished.


So all told, on the crazy bright improv quilt I did, the special custom quilting took about 2 hours. That seems about right.

I know on some baby quilts I did previously in fast meandering, they took about a half hour, because I also like to go fast.

I’ll try and remember to track time on a larger piece.

Back in the swing of it

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Now that the room is up, I’ve been making time to spend down there. I also got some Craftsy classes, including Quilting Negative Space. I’m a HUGE fan of Angela already and this class is just great. I’m really enjoying it, even though I listen along as I’m making supper.

Tonight I had the itch to quilt so I decided to practise some¬†patterns¬†from Angela’s book along with encouragement from her course. I¬†already¬†had a baby quilt laying in a sad pile waiting for me to figure out how to do it. I took Angela’s advice to break it up into smaller sections. It’s improv pieced so there’s no real background, but since it’s so wild, I figured it was a great chance to practise different techniques all over it.



Here I did two long pieces near the middle to start off and warm up.




You can see the loops, back and forth (love this) and some swirls.



Close up of doing the all over leaf pattern in the next “block”.





In this block I marked a single line diagonally across then followed it to make the sunburst effect. I love how it feels.





Two more long strips gave me the opportunity to try the swirl scroll and woodgrain. The scroll needs some work, but it’s good enough!




And there’s all the work I did this evening. Halfway done!

It was quite fun doing a different design in each section or strip.


Update: I actually went through a whole bobbin last night, did a quick bit this morning and ran out of the *second* bobbin,

Sewing room again, finally

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We moved, again, but into a bigger rental. I finally have a sewing room! It’s in the basement, but still pretty light. I rearranged things a couple times to suit me.


Here it is before I started. And this is missing a few boxes of fabrics.



I now have a really nice sewing station. I’m left handed so I like to have everything off to my left, and give myself loads of space for quilts.




This is my to-do pile. Oops. I have a tendency to start things, but I’m not so good at the finishing. I’m going to try and finish up what I can, and since I took this pic, sorted the pile into almost done, halfway there and need to start. Needless to say one of those piles got put aside.




This was a first pass at organizing the room.



I added a bookshelf but still felt a little hemmed in, especially when I realized with a bit of rearranging, I could get more empty floor space.




Ah, that’s better! Move the to-do pile, switch the ironing station and the bookshelf and¬†suddenly¬†the room is wide open again!



This is my somewhat sorted pile of stuff to finish already. My motivation it is a mess, and by finishing it up I can get rid of the mess too.



Under the other side of my table you can see my sewing machine bag and another bag I have for accessories, as well as two bins of fabric and a very large bag of scraps.

I also got rid of the pile of plastic boxes of fabric by filling up the dresser. While I do like to see as much fabric as I can, it will also help me not start any new quilt tops for a while.

The list is rather long, as I have some sewing projects and garments I want to make for people so I stuffed those piles off in the corner.

I should still make a list though.

holiday sewing

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I’m horribly behind here I know. The holidays threw me off, then we thought about moving (again) and packed up everything. So not a lot of sewing was done.

Here’s what I did do, if only for my own list.

Finishes –
finished reb purse
ayla’s quilt finish
izzy’s jammies
ipad cover

Progress –
started floral quilt
worked on fibonnachi quilt

I finally have a sewing room again after 8 months and boy did I miss it. More in the next post. ūüôā