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Now that the room is up, I’ve been making time to spend down there. I also got some Craftsy classes, including Quilting Negative Space. I’m a HUGE fan of Angela already and this class is just great. I’m really enjoying it, even though I listen along as I’m making supper.

Tonight I had the itch to quilt so I decided to practise some patterns from Angela’s book along with encouragement from her course. I already had a baby quilt laying in a sad pile waiting for me to figure out how to do it. I took Angela’s advice to break it up into smaller sections. It’s improv pieced so there’s no real background, but since it’s so wild, I figured it was a great chance to practise different techniques all over it.



Here I did two long pieces near the middle to start off and warm up.




You can see the loops, back and forth (love this) and some swirls.



Close up of doing the all over leaf pattern in the next “block”.





In this block I marked a single line diagonally across then followed it to make the sunburst effect. I love how it feels.





Two more long strips gave me the opportunity to try the swirl scroll and woodgrain. The scroll needs some work, but it’s good enough!




And there’s all the work I did this evening. Halfway done!

It was quite fun doing a different design in each section or strip.


Update: I actually went through a whole bobbin last night, did a quick bit this morning and ran out of the *second* bobbin,

12 thoughts on “Back in the swing of it

  1. I did the same AW figure 8 in a quilt this week too! Lookin’ good there! BTW, I’ve also been sewing since I was a kid (as in your profile). Yea!

  2. Whoo, yeah!

    Hrm, should I tell the story of quilting my first small item to my flannel jammies? I stood up out of my chair and the potholder I was learning on was stuck to me!

  3. Your quilting is lovely!

  4. Thank you so much!

  5. Love the color, love the fmq, love it all! beautiful job!

  6. I love your color choices- so bright and cheery. Your quilting is adding such a beautiful layer of texture.

  7. Thanks so much! This is the third quilt I’ve made with these fabrics, just trying to use them up. But I keep getting inspired by the mix.

  8. The type of quilt you made allowed you to have so much fun trying out all the different designs. Great job…I love it.

  9. Great job on the piecing and the quilting! You will have it complete in no time. Thanks for sharing the photos, they are very inspiring.
    ~June in AZ

  10. Wonderful job. Way to jump right in and be fearless!

  11. Oh, I love your fabric! It feels like summer and warm! That feels good, in the cold and snow here in Germany!

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