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For this quilt, I purchased the PDF Colorblock Quilt pattern from The pattern is really well written and super easy to follow, with loads of clear diagrams. Perfect for beginners, a breeze for more experienced quilters.

I also went to two different Etsy shops to get the right fabric – Mod Tod by Riley Blake, purchased from Fiber Textiles and 44th St Fabric. Both shops were fabulous and extremely helpful, and my orders (to Canada from the US arrived within two weeks and a day apart. I was impressed with both places. So impressed, I now read Bev’s blog from 44th St. Heh. (Hi Bev!)

I had to piece one of my fabric for the long strip, but I did it carefully in the print and you hardly notice. The piecing and cutting was done in maybe 3.5 hours, while I watched episodes of Dr. Who on Netflix. About half the time was ironing, because I did follow the advice the iron seams open. The white I used for sashing is poly cotton, so somewhat sheer and I knew the seams from the darker fabric would show.


The only issue I had is something I consistently have with long strips – running out of strip at the end of the seam. However much I pin, the fabric still shifts. I could have used my walking foot, but it’s so noisy and goes slower. I guess I’ll know for next time.

One short sashing piece wound up just short enough it pulled out of the seam so I do have to make a small repair by removing the strip and sewing it back in.

Overall, I’m really happy with the pattern and the fabric – even if I did wind up getting the blocks reversed. The recipient will never know or care, it’s still a gorgeous quilt!


I’m not sure how I’ll quilt it yet, but I am open to suggestions. I’m thinking of leaving the narrow sashing unquilted. They wind up only 1″ wide. I’ll be using Hobb’s Warm and Natural cotton for the batting.

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6 thoughts on “Colorblock Quilt top

  1. Looks good! Strange that you’re having so many problems with the strips pulling so out of whack when you sew them together! I sometimes get a bit of excess from the top strip, but usually only if I’ve been bad with my cutting and have a bias edge on the strip.

  2. It was just 1/4″, but that’s enough to matter. I tried to cut it as straight as I could.

  3. I really like your quilt, very modern! As for quilting, I don’t think that you’d go wrong with either some straight line quilting, or else some sort of circular design. You’ll figure it out and I’m sure that it will look great.

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I’ll figure it out – probably right when I get the fabric under the needle. 🙂

  5. Your quilt turned out really well. Love your fabric choices! I find I have to pin long strips really well at the very end to prevent the shift – I have the pin go in and out and in and out again. Another trick is to loosen the foot pressure, sometimes there’s too much drag from the top.

  6. I really like this one. Very architectural — great colors!

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