Day 7 – Dream Project

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For the 31 Day Blogging challenge the topic is dream project and I have to say there is a LOT of quilting, sewing and crafting techniques I have tried over the years, but I did have some dream projects come to mind!

First up is to do a Quiltworx quilt. Yes really. Probably just one. They had a huge clearance sale one Black Friday and I bought 3 deeply discounted patterns and yes the shipping was more than the patterns, but these are on my list. I confess it is mostly to say yes I did one, and also to do some insane custom quilting on it for quilt shows. One of the guilds I’m in has even done a couple of classes, but for smaller items, and I never manage to be free.

The patterns still sit there not for lack of time, because if I really got the bug I would MAKE time, but because… I’ll admit it… I’m scared! I have to choose the fabrics and what if I pick something ugly?? I have waffled so much on this one. Eventually it will happen.

Another dream project is Wanderer’s Wife (formally Gypsy Wife). I finally bought the pattern a few months ago and decided on fabrics quite quickly, I just need to start. I’ll use up my Tula Pink stash across all the lines I have. If you would like to buy a copy of the pattern, I can order it in for you.

Third – because I can’t just pick one – is Dear Jane. I have EQ and I bought the Dear Jane extension one year and in the past year finally started. Since I lean modern I am making a version in solid bright rainbow colors, inspired by one of the photos going around. It’s HARD! I pierced the first block and wow was it ever off. That was my fault, not the pattern’s fault and by a lot I mean the block was a full half inch larger than it should have been. I paper pieced a second version and that was more accurate. I think Im up to three blocks now and it’s just a matter of putting this one on my schedule. It’s a lot of prep work for every single block – and yes they are all different – but if I do one block a month it’s still progress.

Have you done any of the above projects?