Skills I wish I had

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Today’s topic is skills I wish I had and I gotta say “patience” is right up there. Now I’m sure many of you think I have oodles already but the fact is I rush through many projects and don’t slow down!

I would also say hand stitching is another skill I wish I had, because my hands are bad and my eyes are worse, so any handwork I avoid.

So when I look gorgeous applique quilts, wool or otherwise, or redwork or anything embroidery, I appreciate the skills that are needed. I know a lot of people would also say talent but to me, talent comes from lots and lots of practise until you are highly skilled – no matter what you are doing.

Another skill is fabric design. I have an eye for color and I can doodle fairly well, I just know there’s some gaps in there that would mean a lot of hurdles between an idea in my head and a finished line of fabric.

Finally, along with patience comes FOCUS. I have ADHD and it is absolutely an issue with focusing, both trying to focus on the job at hand and hyper focusing on… anything else, usually. Most days I have it managed but I let it run free with my sewing projects and you can usually tell.Ooops!