More weekend stuff.

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I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my flickr. I seem to do them in batches.

And I’m annoyed at ebay buyers. I sold a small pile of stuff, answered a HECK of a lot of questions about shipping (yes, I’ll combine) and then after they won, I sent combined shipping charges, no payment. I sent a reminder. No payment.

If it was one person, that would make sense, but out of 4 buyers, two have neglected to pay after a week. Both for multiple items. One won two auctions, the other won 4.

I may have to threaten them with neutral or even negative feedback.

But! I sold an item on etsy! I was pretty happy ’bout that.

3 thoughts on “More weekend stuff.

  1. congrats on your etsy sale! 🙂

  2. congrats on your etsy sale. But I think you are being too nice about the ebay buyers. Isn’t this the kind of thing negative feedback is meant for. If I was running an auction and got offers from one of these people and checked their feedback to see if they were reliable, wouldn’t I want to know that they’d done this kind of thing?

    I know you don’t want to harm people but think of the other sellers out there you are protecting by being honest in the feedback.

  3. Ahh, the internet has kind of opened up a whole new world of “ADD shoppers” – put something in the cart… abandon. Waste someone’s time with shipping questions… forget to make the final purchase.


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