Grey Tula Pink Parisville quilt

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When I went to hunt down previous posts about this quilt, I shocked myself in realizing it’s been over two years since I started this one.


At any rate, the top was done, or so I thought. Then I decided to use up all the jelly roll and make it bigger. All but 4 pieces, which I used as an ipad cozy. (Then I took it apart because I never actually USED it with my ipad. Those bits went in the scrap bin).

So. Then the top was done and waiting for batting and I FINALLY got around to quilting it.

Again inspired heavily by Angela Walters, not to copy it completely but to really learn from her techniques and example, I did a different design in each strip. I also did pebbling in all the grey negative spaces around the strips.

While I emphasized the print strips, for the grey parts I just went all out as if it were one piece. Because it is – the background.

FYI pebbling takes a LOT of thread. I think I used up 5 bobbins, easy. I’m starting to write this stuff down and take notes too.

This quilt wound up around a lap / twin size. I debated back and forth, and eventually listed it in my Etsy shop.

Cowboy quilt

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Or maybe “The Sheriff is in town”. I bought the fabric for this quilt a few years ago in a thrift store. 3 yards of each grey print, just sitting there. I maybe paid a buck a yard, not a thing wrong with it.

Ever since I got the fabric, I had an idea that I would have to do a quilt with bright solid stars, so I drew it up and roughed in some measurements and finally started it this month. Well, February but you knew what I meant. 😉 I did want a bit of a modern spin on it, so that will probably happen with the quilting itself.

sashing strips

I wanted to see how long a typical quilt will take me, so I’m going to try and track my time. I spent 50 mins getting these sashing pieces sewn and pressed today.

Before that, I figure I spent 2 hours planning and drawing, and cutting the pieces. That’s probably a conservative guesstimate there.

first row together

Once the sashing strips were done, it only took twenty minutes to do the first row.

laying it out

uh-oh. I looked at the sashing pieces I had, said “That can’t be right” and realized I mis counted somewhere.

I have a grey stack of strips without the triangles on the corners, but couldn’t remember if I’d cut too many pieces or not. I opent get rotary-happy when cutting and cut out waaayyy too many pieces!

Do you think this would be a good free tutorial to write up? It’s just large enough that the backing can be done with one piece of fabric, and will be a nice baby quilt size.

Edit: I did manage to get half the top pieced today. Hoping to do the rest tonight.


Fibonacci and Angela Walters

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I swear I’m not stalking Angela, honest! Just a huge fan. In her Free Motion Quilting book, she has a quilt on page 92-92 that she designed and quilted. The book does not contain the pattern for the quilt, but it was pretty simple. Just strips spliced with squares, randomly arranged on a solid background.

Inspired, and with a jelly roll of Tula Pink’s Parisville, I set to work. Got the jelly roll on sale at Craftsy. Great place! I was even going to go with white, but at the fabric store I saw they had a really nice grey solid and grabbed that instead. I haven’t done anything on grey yet. I think it goes quite will with the Parisville colors.

I wanted a random placement of strips and did not want to copy Angela’s quilt exactly, since I also wanted to make it bigger.

So given the strips are 2.5″ wide and there were a few squares, I used 2.5″ as my “unit”. The Fibonacci sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.. so I have to do a little multiplication to figure out how long to cut some strips. I stopped when I got to numbers longer than the jelly roll.

For reference, I cut some pieces like this, not counting the squares (1 unit):
2 – 5″
3 – 7.5″
5- 12.5″
8 – 20″
13 – 32.5″
21 – 52.5″ so that was too long to cut from a 42″ strip of fabric.

More playing around:

I also started to cut some of the grey background fabric in the same lengths but will probably use longer pieces, or add more grey. I want a lap or maybe bed sized quilt. Something just for me to curl up under.