Giggles quilt finish

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A while back, I heard that a friend of mine was expecting and told her I’d love to send a quilt. I sent a few pictures of ones I had on hand that were finished and some in progress. She really loved the Giggles quit top I had finished, because of its modern aesthetic.


Thankfully by then it was basted and I was left with the hard part – how to quilt it. I confess I basically did what Angela Walters did on the pattern cover. I have taken a number of Craftsy classes from Angela so I’d like to think I nailed it.

I started out stitching in the ditch, just to divide it up and stabilize it.


Since I deviated from the pattern itself in terms of color placement, I decided to leave the one red portion unquilted. I did use batting that will take up to 10″ unquilted so that should be fine. I also used white thread, top and bottom for white areas, and a navy thread top and bobbin for the blue areas.



After binding in the same blue as the back, I washed it in homemade laundry soap that is scent free and detergent free, then gave it  a spin in the dryer without any dryer sheet, so it has no harsh chemicals on it for baby’s skin. I also remembered to add one of my labels!


Best part it also has that crinkled loved in look already! It will soon be on its way to cuddle the new baby, who has since made his appearance.


I would definitely make this again, and maybe do up some sketches on paper to play with different color placements.

Rainbow Northern Lights mini

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I used the Hex n More ruler and the Northern Lights pattern to make a rainbow wall hanging. I followed the pattern but used the smallest size on the ruler.

It took a while because of the small pieces and I kept putting it down to work on other things. But, once the top was completely done, I did straight line quilting to match the zig zag effect, bound it in black and sent it off as a gift.

I sent it to the head office of the company I work for, so they had more bright art on the walls. They loved it!

I will probably make this again.

As always, click images for bigger.

Fibonacci and Angela Walters

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I swear I’m not stalking Angela, honest! Just a huge fan. In her Free Motion Quilting book, she has a quilt on page 92-92 that she designed and quilted. The book does not contain the pattern for the quilt, but it was pretty simple. Just strips spliced with squares, randomly arranged on a solid background.

Inspired, and with a jelly roll of Tula Pink’s Parisville, I set to work. Got the jelly roll on sale at Craftsy. Great place! I was even going to go with white, but at the fabric store I saw they had a really nice grey solid and grabbed that instead. I haven’t done anything on grey yet. I think it goes quite will with the Parisville colors.

I wanted a random placement of strips and did not want to copy Angela’s quilt exactly, since I also wanted to make it bigger.

So given the strips are 2.5″ wide and there were a few squares, I used 2.5″ as my “unit”. The Fibonacci sequence is 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.. so I have to do a little multiplication to figure out how long to cut some strips. I stopped when I got to numbers longer than the jelly roll.

For reference, I cut some pieces like this, not counting the squares (1 unit):
2 – 5″
3 – 7.5″
5- 12.5″
8 – 20″
13 – 32.5″
21 – 52.5″ so that was too long to cut from a 42″ strip of fabric.

More playing around:

I also started to cut some of the grey background fabric in the same lengths but will probably use longer pieces, or add more grey. I want a lap or maybe bed sized quilt. Something just for me to curl up under.