Redesign in Progress

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Well, as a former web developer I couldn’t stand it any more and switched the design and layout of the entire site. I hope you find it easier to use and navigate. As always, if you find an issue, things are missing, something doesn’t make sense, just contact us.

For the technical bits, our site is run on WordPress with WooCommerce as the shop, using the Stationary child theme for Storefront.

New series: quilt of the month

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In my tiny shop is a room divider between the shop space and my family’s living space. Over this divider I’ve been placing one of my many quilts, partly for decor and samples, and partly for sound buffers and privacy. Sometimes it is seasonal, sometimes the quilt is similar to new fabrics coming in. Either way, the quilt is also right behind me during the checkout process, so customers have a chance to really look at it.

Every quilt has a story, and it finally occurred to me I should probably just write down all the details! Especially before I forget.

So for our August quilt choice, I have hung up a quilt I made for Emma – oh probably more than ten years ago. It is the New Wave quilt pattern my Elizabeth Hartman, one of her earliest patterns ever. Of course I made it bigger, using fabrics that I had on hand and wanted to use up. Emma loves blue, so I chose fabrics in blues and purples and any combination of that until we were both happy.

I also wound up rotating the design 90 degrees based on my fabric amounts. Leftovers went on the back of the quilt for a very scrappy backing. I generally like to make a long strip of the smallest pieces, then place that row off center, and filling in the rest of the background with the larger leftovers.

I had just begun my free motion quilting journey when I made this quilt, and my idea was to quilt ever widening ripples, like drops on a still pond. The idea was good, the execution … not so much. It can barely be seen, and what is visible with the white thread is wonky. I should have used a walking foot but that would have been SO much turning. Some of the seams aren’t lined up very well, the binding isn’t very neat, but the whole thing has held up and it still a decent quilt.

Yellow again! And Christmas hours

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We are back to being open for in store shopping and of course you may continue to do curbside pickup if you wish.

For the holidays, our last day of in store shopping will be Saturday December 19th. Our online shop will continue to be open until December 23rd.

We will be closed – including online – from December 24th through to January 4th.

During closing, we will be doing inventory and spiffing up the site a bit to make sure as many items show up for you to browse online.

Thanks for your understanding!

Closed for in store shopping

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I spent a couple hours yesterday pouring over guidelines and making sure I have a COVID operational plan in place despite difficulties. Then it occured to me that as a HOME based business, in the orange phase we have single household bubbles.

That effectively shuts us down for in store shopping.

So, it is not unexpected. Given we are also getting closer the Christmas, I expect we will be online only until the end of the year.

That being said, I will be extended the Black Friday Week sales and making sure the website is updated to reflect that. Since we ran online orders with local pickups all summer, everything is all set up and all our processes are in place.

Our shopping cart works just like any other site you may have used to order online in the past. If you do have problems, of course you can call or message or email and I will help you sort it out.

We can take your credit card over the phone if you are not comfortable with ordering online. However, this means that we basically fill out an online order for you. It is safe and secure – just like in store shopping.

Most orders can usually be picked up later that same day. In the morning, I prepare any orders that came in overnight or late the previous day. Orders placed mid afternoon or later are usually filled by the next day. If you do need something urgently, please let us know.

In store shopping is not available

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Since we have moved to our new location, many people have asked about in store shopping. The original plan was to build the shop onto our new house, then move the shop from our old house and move our household.

With the pandemic, we decided to move our household first, given construction and planning was also at a halt.

Our shop is temporarily set up in the basement of our new home. The stock is arranged for efficient picking for orders and not necessarily for browsing. In addition, it is in my house, which means the general public cannot come in without breaking current Covid-19 restrictions.

We do have a separate entrance to the basement room, however it is currently not suitable for general foot traffic and inaccessible for some visitors.

Until we get the shop built, or change the lower back entrance (including a driveway to it). in store shopping will not be available.

I know people are excited about a new shop in the city, but with current restrictions it is just not possible to come in and browse. Thank you for understanding.

Extra details

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We quietly opened on Friday and orders have been non stop ever since! We have been overwhelmed with support and are hopefully all caught up.

Our website has an actual real working shopping cart, just like the big stores. 😉 Fill the cart, checkout, and pay with your credit card.

You can choose “local pickup” and we will send pickup directions when your order is ready. It might take a day.

You can use the Notes section in the shopping cart if you’d like to send an extra note like “am coming to town on friday, will pick up then”.

We can combine orders for pickups – just let us know (maybe in the Notes section)!

And YES we ship across Canada, with a $15 flat rate and free shipping over $150.

All fabrics listed are 100% cotton. The $5/m clearance section is just us clearing out the fabrics we bought from closed quilt shops. Time for it to go so we can buy NEW FABRIC! (We also have a NEW section on the site.)

We still have elastic! When we run out, it will disappear from the site. Our supplier is expected to get more late next week, but then we have to order some and get it here, so give it two more weeks.

As always – any comments, questions, suggestions, or even a “hey we love it!” just message, email, comment, whatever… We’ll get to it eventually. 😀

Time for a teapot refill!

Soft Open

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Thanks for finding our shop during our soft open! Please poke around and enjoy all the new listings. If you find anything out of place or have questions, please let us know.

Enjoy the clearance sale and note that those fabrics are per meter and must be purchased in full meters. It’s quite a bargain.

We also have elastic in stock and are currently limiting customers to one 10m bundle of each kind.

Pickups will be scheduled at our new location at 1881 Hanwell Drive. Our shop is not open to customers and visits for pickups must be arranged.

We are still working through listing all of the in-store items here on our online space. If you have been in store and know we carry a particular product and cannot find it in our shop, please feel free to contact us. It may just not be listed yet, or it may be out of stock.